Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the use of this Web site as well as all transactions conducted through the site.

  • Legal Notice
  • All notices from CPAP2U to You may be posted on our Web site and will be deemed delivered within thirty (30) days after posting. Notices from You to CPAP2U shall be made either by e-mail, sent to the address we provide on our Web site, or first class mail to our address at:

    9620 E 350 Hwy, Suite 104, Raytown, MO 64133
    Delivery shall be deemed to have been made by You to CPAP2U five (5) days after the date sent.


    Submission of Prescriptions

    If you don't already have a prescription on file with CPAP2U.com or if you have a change in your prescription, you can submit your prescription to us in 3 ways.  We will consider prescriptions you have filed with us to be lifetime, unless a shorter time of therapy is prescribed, so you don't need to submit a new prescription every time you would like to place an order with CPAP2U.com

    1. The most popular way to submit prescriptions is simply to just fax it to 816-994-3377.

    2. Prescriptions can be physically mailed to:
        PO Box 9577
        Raytown, MO  64133

    3. You can also scan and submit your prescription to info.cpap2u@gmail.com as an attachment. 
        PDF, TIF, GIF, PNG, JPG and JPEG files work well.  Files sizes do not need to be large, as 
        anything around 1MB works well.  We can accept in any size as long as it is legible. 
        See below for tips on scanning if you need help.

    Prescriptions are typically provided on your doctor's prescription pad, printed prescription form, or office letterhead.
    Please make sure your prescription includes the following information:

    •      Name, address and phone number of the prescribing physician.
    •      The type of therapy (CPAP, BiPAP or Bilevel, CPAP Auto, APAP, BiPAP or Bilevel Auto).
           Including any CFlex, BiFlex, EPR, SoftEx, or any other form of pressure relief technology.
    •      Pressure(s) of the therapy.  FYI: Auto therapy orders will need to include min and max
    •      Humidifier or Humidity, if ordered.
    •      Other supplies as needed or could include specifics on masks and or chin restraints
    •      Your first and last name.
    •      Your birthdate.  We use this information for 2 reasons:
                    1) In case we need contact the ordering physician
                    2) To verify your identity if you contact us by phone with an issue or question
                        regarding therapy or purchases.


    Helpful hints on scanning a prescription.  This covers the basics and your method my vary depending on scanner, computer operating system and email software used

    1. For Windows XP and older: Place the document that is going to be scanned face down on the scanner. Press the "Scan" button that is usually located on the scanner. Another way to perform a scan for Windows is to click on "Start," then go to "All Programs." Move the mouse pointer up to "Accessories." Go down to "Scanner and Camera Wizard." Click on "Scanner and Camera Wizard." Click "Next." You will be asked to choose a preference. Choose a preference, and then click on "Preview" to preview the document.  Click on "Next" after previewing. Type a picture name and the destination where you want to save it. Click on "Next." The document will start to scan. Click "Finish" to complete the scan.  Go to your email account. Click "Compose" to start a new email. Look for "Attach File" or the Paper Clip Icon and click on the "Browse" button across from it. The "Choose File" window will open up.  Go to the destination where you saved the scanned document. Choose the name of the scanned document. Click on it to open up the file, and then click on "Open."  Add the necessary information in the subject line and the body of the email. Click on "Send" to complete the process. The document will be sent as an attachment file.
    2. For Windows Vista or Windows 7, click on "Start". Move the mouse pointer to and click on "Devices and Printers" on the right hand side of the window. Then move the mouse pointer to appropriate device (scanner) and click.  Then follow the specific instructions for your device.  Save the scanned file to a location where you remember to find it.  Go to your email program Click "Compose" to start a new email. Look for "Attach File" or the Paper Clip Icon and click on the "Browse" button across from it. The "Choose File" window will open up.  Go to the destination where you saved the scanned document. Choose the name of the scanned document. Click on it to open up the file, and then click on "Open."  Add the necessary information in the subject line and the body of the email. Click on "Send" to complete the process. The document will be sent as an attachment file.

  • Copyright
  • Content appearing on this Web site is the property of CPAP2U.com and are Copyrighted © 2010 unless indicated otherwise.  This content includes text, buttons, icons, drawings, pictures, logos, layouts, charts, graphics, blogs, comments, evaluations, and audio clips.
    As a user, you are authorized only to view, copy, print, and distribute documents on this Web site so long as (i) the document is used for informational purposes only, (ii) the document or its parts are not used for business, commercial or professional purposes, (iii) the use does not damage or harm the reputation of CPAP2U.com and (iv) any copy of the document (or portion thereof) includes the following copyright notice:

    Content on this site that is not copyrighted by CPAP2U.com are copyrighted by their associated third party owners and used by permission for marketing and informational purposes.  Use of these text, drawing, picture, logo, chart, graphic, blog, comment, evaluation, and audio clip materials of third party owner requires permission, consent or release directly from the third parties and not CPAP2U.com.

  • Trademarks
  • All brand, product, service, and process names appearing on this Web site are trademarks of their respective holders. Reference to or use of a product, service, or process does not imply recommendation, approval, affiliation, or sponsorship of that product, service, or process by CPAP2U. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as conferring by implication, estoppel, or otherwise any license or right under any patent, copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property right of CPAP2U or any third party, except as expressly granted herein.

  • Use Of Site
  • All services provided, including the advertisement, ordering, sale, delivery, instruction, and setup of the products, are performed solely by CPAP2U.com and independently of the manufacturer.

    Agreement for Use.

    The following terms describe your agreement for access and use of the CPAP2U.com website so we may offer our products and services to you.
    Welcome to CPAP2U.com and we are glad you have come to our website. By viewing and using services of the webpages of CPAP2U.com you are agreeing to the following terms and the general principles for this and any other associated websites.  Before using the CPAP2U.com website, services and products, you must read and accept the terms and conditions in their entirety of these Terms and Conditions, Terms of Use. The accepted agreement is always the agreement that appears as a link at the footer (bottom of our webpages) of our domain and subdomain sites.  If you do not agree with Terms and Conditions and all of the individual policies contained within it, please do not use this site and close your browsing session.
    This agreement is effective for all users as of August 10, 2010.

    Use of CPAP2U.com

    We work with our users, jurisdictional law enforcement, and our internet host to keep CPAP2U.com operating as designed and efficient with safeguards to protect information, products and users within this site free from malicious acts.  Please help us by reporting any issues or violations of policy including inappropriate or offensive content.

    While viewing and using CPAP2U.com, you agree not to:
    -  use the website if you are under the age of 18 or if you are unable to enter into legally binding
    -  if you have been suspended from CPAP2U.com, either temporary or permanently.
    -  manipulate or circumnavigate: our billing activities, services or procedures; our fees, or monies owed
       to CPAP2U.com
    -  manipulate any prices, products or descriptions of any content or item on CPAP2U.com
    -  create an account, register or use any email address that you do not own or have explicit permission
       to use from the owner with CPAP2U.com
    -  impersonate or assimilate any person, company or entity, including without any limitation a
       employee, agent, officer , contractor or vendor of CPAP2U.com
    -  misrepresent your affiliation any person, company or entity, including without any limitation a
       employee, agent, officer,  contractor or vendor of CPAP2U.com
    -  post any inappropriate content or personal information, including false, misleading, inaccurate,
       defamatory or libelous of nature, on CPAP2U.com webpages including any reviews or ratings of
    -  violate any laws, CPAP2U.com policies, or third party rights on CPAP2U.com
    -  assimilate, disseminate, change, or manipulate any content, copyrights or trademarks, products,
       items, reviews or ratings on CPAP2U.com
    -  transfer information of your CPAP2U.com account to another party without the explicit consent of one
       of CPAP2U.com’s officers.
    -  gather or compile by any manual or technological means, information about users or their email
       addresses, reviews or posted opinions on CPAP2U.com without their written permission.
    -  use any manual or technological means that could cause harm to CPAP2U.com, our products,
       vendors, consultants, or the interests, reputation or property of any CPAP2U.com users.
    -  post, spam, distribute or transmit by any means, any unsolicited materials, advertising, or
       promotions without our explicit written permission. This includes junk or chain emails, and pyramid
       schemes, scams or promotions.

    If you use CPAP2U.com or any of its subsidiaries, for any account you create, you agree to maintain privacy and confidentiality, passwords and access to that account.  You agree to accept responsibility of use, purchases, submissions of information, and any other activity for that account, even if the user is under the age of 18 years of age.  Although, CPAP2U.com offers products for persons under the age of 18 years, our terms of agreement requires the user to be a minimum of 18 years in age.  For users under the age of 18 years, you are required to be under the supervision of an adult responsible for the account and payment of any products or services purchased from CPAP2U.com.
    At our sole discretion, we reserve the right to refuse products or service, modify or delete content, cancel orders, and suspend accounts either temporarily or permanently.


    No partnership, employment, franchise, joint venture or agency is created or intended by creating an account, using, or purchasing products or services on CPAP2U.com or any of its subsidiaries with this agreement.

    Right to Refuse

    CPAP2U.com reserves the right to refuse products, service and support to anyone or any third party at any time at any time at the sole discretion of CPAP2U.com.  In the event we discontinue products, we will make an attempt in good faith to direct you to an alternate source for manufacturer’s warranty obligations. In the event, we have discontinued service or suspended an account for inactivity; we will continue to support manufacturer’s warranty obligations per applicable governing laws.

    Loss Risk

    All products or services purchased from CPAP2U.com are pursuant to a shipment agreement.  The risk of loss or damage and title of ownership becomes the burden of the purchasing user as soon as the shipping carrier takes possession, unless shipping insurance, if available, is purchased at checkout.

    Abuse of Site

    CPAP2U.com reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.  Without employing other possible remedies, we also reserve the right to suspend either temporarily or permanently, block, cancel, restrict access, or any other technological and legal means to keep users from accessing CPAP2U.com if at our sole determination, we believe users are causing issues, acting in violation of the spirit or letter of the published Terms and Conditions, or creating a potential legal liability.  Reporting false accusations of other users also violate the Terms and Conditions for use of CPAP2U.com. 
    We reserve the right to suspend accounts dormant greater than 2 years.  However, we can reinstate these accounts upon request.  Manufacturer’s warranties will still be honored even if dormant accounts have been suspended.

    Browsing and Interference

    CPAP2U.com’s host and servers have an industry leading reliability and uptime performance.  CPAP2U.com is licensed for the owners to provide products and services for purchase with the consent of use for copyrights and trademarks of third party products on this site.
    By accessing this site you agree not to do any of following:
    -  use of a robot (bot), spider or other automated means to access the CPAP2U.com website.
    -  to interfere or attempt to obstruct the normal and designed function or activities of the CPAP2U.com
       by overlay graphics, placing buttons or icons, hacking, bot attack, firewall breach, meddling, or by any
       other known or unknown method of tampering.
    -  if by our sole discretion, an action creates an excessive load on CPAP2U.com in order to excessively
       slow and prevent normal response for our servers.
    -  attempt to hack, breach firewall or circumvent our security or SSL certificate in order to restrict,
       interfere or block access to CPAP2U.com.
    -  overlay or place graphics, buttons, icons, links in order to disrupt navigation or redirect users from
    -  violate, derive, distribute, or copy any copyrighted or trademarked text, buttons, icons, pictures or
       products from CPAP2U.com or a third party without written consent or permission.

    Licensing of Content

    Any submission to CPAP2U.com will be deemed and becomes the property of CPAP2U.com. You grant or warrant to the owner that all submitted materials a license that is irrevocable and we may use, copy, reproduce, translate, edit or modify creatively, publish or distribute, display, or perform perpetually, non-exclusively and world-wide without royalties.  This license includes the right to use any medium or media in any form or format used now or developed hereafter. You agree any submitted content, in part or in entirety, to a publicly visible part of this site such as a forum, review or opinion, shall not be considered confidential by any purpose.


    CPAP2U.com handles your personal information just the way we would want someone to handle our personal information.  The privacy policy covers this website and other websites that we may operate.  This policy is available to be viewed as a link on these websites at the bottom of CPAP2U.com's webpages.  With acceptance of CPAP2U.com's Privacy Policy and User Agreement and by using our website, you are consenting to allow CPAP2U.com to collect, use, store and disclose your personal information as described in this policy.  More details on this policy are located in the dedicated Privacy Policy and Protected Health Information Privacy Policy within Terms and Conditions for CPAP2U.com.  If you do not agree with Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy or Protected Health Information Privacy Policy, please do not use this site and close your browsing session.

    No Professional Advice

    You agree that any information or content through CPAP2U.com is not intended to be and should not be construed as:
    -  professional medical advice or counseling
    -  establishing a physician – patient relationship
    -  as the practice of medicine

    Information, content, opinions, derived from CPAP2U.com website, emails, newsletters, phone support or other resources should never replace seeking professional medical advice from an appropriate licensed practitioner.  No promises or guarantees for resolution or success of medical disorders should be implied from CPAP2U.com resources, services or products.  Reference to or use of a product, service, or process does not imply recommendation, approval, affiliation, or sponsorship of that product, service, or process by CPAP2U.com.


    Product Descriptions

    CPAP2U.com uses many of the product descriptions by permission from third parties as well as some of our own.  We try to insure such descriptions to be accurate for ease of use and ordering, but cannot warrant or promise descriptions to be free from errors, typos, incorrect product numbers, incompleteness, incompatibility, or inaccuracies.  Please contact use by phone or email if you feel find an error or inaccuracy and we will investigate to resolve.


    In case of typographical error or error in information received from a third party that creates inaccuracies in pricing, CPAP2U.com shall reserve the right to cancel orders and refuse to ship any products or services whether or not if the order has been confirmed or if the payment has been received.  CPAP2U.com will refund payment back through the payment source for such cancelled orders and/or held shipments.

    Liability Limitation

    CPAP2U.com cannot guarantee secure and uninterrupted access to our website, webpages, products and services. Many events on the internet that are beyond our control can affect normal operation of and access to our website.  
    CPAP2U.com will not be held responsible by you for posts, blogs, reviews, or actions for other users on this, any subsidiary websites or third party websites.
    To the fullest extent of law, CPAP2U.com excludes all implied warranties, terms and conditions from our website or staff.  We will not be held liable by you for any injuries, irritations, damages, or loss of income, money, reputation, goodwill, sleep, or any other direct, indirect, or consequential loss or damages arising out of your use of CPAP2U.com or any products by us or any third party. Some jurisdictions do not allow this disclaimer for warranties or exclusion of damages, so this may not apply to you.  In this case, if we are found to be liable, our liability will be limited to no more than $100.00 to you or a third party.

    Release and Indemnity

    You are agreeable to release CPAP2U.com, owners, officers, trustees, agents, contractors, subsidiaries and joint relationships from claims, demands, and damages, not matter if actual or consequential, of every known or unknown type, nature, real or imaginary, arising out of use or connected in way to products, services, or disputes with CPAP2U.com.
    You are further agreeable to indemnify and hold CPAP2U.com, owners, officers, trustees, agents, contractors, subsidiaries and joint relationships harmless from any loss, claims, demands, any type of damages, legal fees that are reasonable or not, made by any third party due to or resultant from your breach of this Agreement, contract, use of our website, or violation of any federal, state or local law, rights, contracts, agreements, or privileges of a third party.

    Insurance and ABN Medicare Notice

    CPAP2U.com is not an in-network or out-of-network insurance provider for any insurance company, health care organization, health care discount plans or programs, government based insurance (i.e.: Medicare, Tricare) or social benefit programs (i.e.: Medicaid).  We do not have a Medicare provider number.  We do not accept assignment nor will we file any insurance claims on your behalf.  We make no promises or guarantees whether or not purchases on this website are eligible for reimbursement.  Please check with your any insurance company, health care organization, flexible spending accounts, government based insurance or social benefit programs for any reimbursement qualifying purchases or coverage before purchasing from CPAP2U.com. 

    Dispute Resolution

    Should an issue arise between you and CPAP2U.com, please contact our office by either email or telephone. We will work with you in good faith to resolve the issue.  If we are unable to come to agreement, then there are different means for dispute resolution. We hope to resolve all disputes in a party neutral but cost effective means.  In lieu of court litigation we will consider reasonable requests for dispute resolution through a third party such as an ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) mediator or arbitrator that would be considered having a legal binding decision in a court of jurisdiction. 
    Otherwise, court litigation of claims must be made in the county of Jackson, in the State of Missouri with binding decision coming from this court.  You are agreeable to appear in person in order for litigation to proceed without needless delays.  You are further more agreeable that Missouri law be governing in case of conflicts of law with other states.


    If any part of our policies are deemed invalid and held unenforceable, the remaining parts of these policies shall be considered valid and enforceable. We reserve the right to govern, enforce and take action on violation the policies at our discretion.  If we don’t action on a violation of policy, it does not nullify the policy nor inhibit our rights of taking action on subsequent or future violations of policy.
    Unless specifically stated elsewhere, we reserve the right to make modify, update and post policy changes on this website for CPAP2U.com and are deemed delivered and effective immediately.  We may also at our discretion, email policy modifications and updates to your provided email.  We will consider emails delivered 24 hours after transmission, unless we receive notice that the email was unsuccessful. We may also at our discretion mail through USPS, policy modifications and updates to your provided address.  Mailed notices will be considered delivered 5 days after date of mailing, unless we receive the letter back.

    Please make sure you review all of policies in each subheading within the Terms and Conditions.  Failure for you to fully read and understand all the policies within the Terms and Conditions do not hold you harmless from enforcement and violations of all policies.

    All ResMed products are for sale only to patients within the United States and not to other third parties or businesses.

    The accessories and replacement parts are compatible with or apply to the respective devices.

  • Privacy Policy
  • CPAP2U.com handles your personal information just the way we would want someone to handle our personal information.  This privacy policy covers this website and other websites that we may operate.  This policy is available to be viewed as a link on these websites at the bottom of CPAP2U.com's webpages.  With acceptance of CPAP2U.com's Privacy Policy and User Agreement and by using our website, you are consenting to allow CPAP2U.com to collect, use, store and disclose your personal information as described in this policy.  Our servers are located within the United States.
    This privacy policy is effective upon acceptance for all users as of August 10, 2010.

    Your Data

    You can browse our website without disclosing any personal information. Once you have chosen to provide information about yourself, you are now a known entity and no longer anonymous to us and consent to the transfer and storage of your information on our servers.

    You allow us to collect the following personal information about you:
    - name, phone numbers, email addresses, shipping addresses and transaction information including
      financial information such as billing addresses and credit card data provided by you for identity
      verification and payment of purchase.
    - Information from third parties such prescriptions, demographic, traffic data, IP Addresses, web log
       (standard) information.  If you incur a debt to us, we may run a credit check on you as permitted by
       law to collect said debt.  We may request more information from you if we are not able to verify
       previously submitted information.  We may contact your prescribing physician to verify submitted
    - Any emails or other correspondence and information provided by you through the CPAP2U.com
      website or mail, no matter whether it is USPS or any other shipper.


    We want to give you an easy to use, effective, but secure experience with your personal information, as you explore our website. By using our site, you grant CPAP2U.com permission to use your personal information in the following ways:
    -  Offer the services, products, and customer support you request.
    -  Collect fees/monies
    -  Resolve disputes and troubleshoot issues.
    -  Measure and personalize the content, services, communication, specialized offers and advertising on
    -  Compare submitted information with third parties for accuracy.
    -  Inform you of website updates or policy changes.
    -  Enforce our Terms and Conditions which includes Legal and Copyright Notices, Trademarks, Terms of
       Use and Privacy Policies which also contains the PHI Privacy Policy.


    Cookies are good to eat, but they are also small files stored on your hard drive and used by internet browsers to enhance your use of our website.  The cookies help us by evaluating usage of our various webpages for traffic patterns, content, advertising and special offers.  They also help create a trusting and safe experience.

    Here is what you need to know about cookies usage on our site.
    -  You can browse our site with cookies disabled or denied but you might find the website easier and
       faster experience with cookies enabled or allowed.
    -  Cookies help us identify you and keep you logged in for longer periods without having to re-enter
       your password repeatedly.
    -  Most of our cookies are deleted at the end of your browsing session but a few will allow. For example,
       if you place an item in the cart then leave the site for a short while but later come back, that item will
       have remained in the cart so you may continue where you left off.
    -  We do not recommend that you allow your internet browser to remember your sign-in and password
       information especially if you are on a shared or public computer.
    -  You could receive cookies from a third party on some of our webpages but we do not regulate those
       and they are of our control.

    Third Parties

    Since we don't like our personal information to be sold and hate when it is, we won't sell your personal information. We will use your information with information we receive from third parties to customize our services, enhance our content and refine our advertising. 

    This policy applies to CPAP2U.com website for the use and disclosure of personal information we obtain from you with your interaction within this website and its webpages. Any information you provide to any other websites, third parties or any unrelated websites on the internet, is not included with this policy, since we cannot govern the privacy policies of those third parties.

    Disclosure of Your Information

    Your information may be disclosed to respond to legal requirements, monitor enforcement of our policies and investigate claims of breach of rights, and protection of rights, safety or property.  We will attempt to honor and secure your personal information from troublesome users on CPAP2U.com.  For greater security, we ask your use the latest available internet browser, but this is not required.

    You information may be disclosed under these circumstances:
    - May share your personal identifiable information without limitation with our subsidiaries and affiliates.
      Examples of this may include to provide joint content and services or to investigation of fraud and
      defense from possible illegal activity.
    - With third parties to collect monies from an unpaid debt incurred.
    - As required by federal, state, local law enforcement, judicial or administrative proceedings by
      subpoena, court order or comparable legal brief. We will honor your privacy and only provide enough
      information to satisfy the requirements of the subpoena, court order or legal brief.
    - We may disclose if in good faith we believe it is necessary is required to prevent bodily injury,
      financial loss or to inform law enforcement of fraud or criminal activities.
    - However unlikely, if we plan to merge or be acquired, in any part or entirety, by the sale or transfer of
      assets with another entity.  Your personal information is considered transferrable assets. We will
      request the new entity honor our privacy policy with regards to your personal information.  Notification
      will be made on this website of any changes of this policy should such an event occur.

    It is customary for CPAP2U.com to send out automated emails to contact you regarding your
       purchases on this website.  These emails include order confirmations, shipments, cancellations,
       refunds, PayPal payment issues, log-in issues.  These transactional emails are a set and necessary
       function of the website and cannot be opted out from.  We may also send promotional emails for
       special events, purchases, replacement reminders, equipment releases, or pending product
       discontinuations to give you a chance to stock up on a soon to be unavailable favorite item.
    -  We may also email you for privacy policy or usage, terms and conditions changes as well as
       customer surveys and user reviews so we may enhance CPAP2U.com and let opinions be expressed
       about our products.  You may contact us by phone or email if you would like to opt out of these
    -  Phone calls to 1-866-994-7082 or any other numbers for CPAP2U.com will state that, “This call may
       be monitored or recorded for quality assurance or training purposes.”  By continuing with the call after
       this disclosure, you hereby are giving consent to consent for the call to be monitored or recorded. 
    -  If we provide an opt-in newsletter to be delivered to you as an email, you will have the option to
       opt-out by clicking a link and providing the same email address.  The newsletters will be designed to
       be informative in nature and should be spam free and but not guaranteed to spam compliant.


    Your part in Security.

    Pick a password for your account that only you would know, the longer the better. A mix of lower case, capitals, numbers and symbols increases password strength.  This isn’t just for our website, but true for all websites.  For our site, your password must consist of 7-32 characters and must include at least one letter and one number. Passwords are case sensitive, so create a good password and don’t give it to anyone unless you trust them.  You are able to additional member contacts in your account that you wish to have access to your personal and health information. Anybody you add as an additional member contacts will be allowed to discuss your treatment, orders and financial payments. If you feel you cannot trust someone with this information, please do not add them as a member on your account.  You are responsible, will be liable and held accountable for all transactions on your account no matter if is you or somebody else with access to your account.  If you feel your account is compromised, check your account details and change your password as soon as possible.  Notify us so we can see what we can do to help you, and hold any shipments that may be pending.  We want your personal information to stay secure and for you to stay in control of your privacy, health information and financial liability.

    You have the ability to update and change your account information, and even review your past and pending orders.  If you have changes or notice errors in your account, please correct them immediately. Upon your request, we can suspend your account.  Your personal information and past orders will be retained, as permitted by law, in case you would like to reinstate your account.  This information is also retained for legal actions allowed including  but not limited to: dispute resolution, regulatory issues, legal requirements, legal investigations, investigate and prevent fraudulent activities, collect debts due to us, and enforce the Terms and Conditions of the CPAP2U.com.



    The security and protection of your information is a high priority for CPAP2U.com.  Your personal information, health information and financial information is a highly valuable asset deserving of high levels of security. Your information is kept on servers with mechanical and technological safeguards.  Many of our security protocols are designed to keep your information safe from unauthorized access.  This includes your created password requirements for your account as well as our passwords for administrative access to the CPAP2U.com website.  It is a known issue that third parties are forever working to intercept and capture access to personal and financial information transmitted through the internet.  They may misuse any information for illegal activities. Although we go to great lengths to protect your information and privacy, we can’t guarantee nor should you expect that your information that is transmitted through the internet is always to remain private and secure.  We use a premium rather than a standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate to encrypt information you transmit through to and from the CPAP2U.com website.  You will notice the green color in the web address bar of the browser as a visual sign of our premium SSL software.  Since email messages traditionally are not secure, we ask that you don’t send sensitive personal or medical information as well as credit card information via email messages. Doing so presents a risk for your privacy.  We will only include partial credit card numbers in confirmation emails for your purchases.  We transmit order processing credit card information through our premium SSL to the credit card companies so all data is encrypted.  We are serious about security.
    Please logoff from our website after you have completed your purchase.  This is especially true if you are on a shared or public computer. We recommend you not allow the browsers to remember your password for future use.  Please write your password down in a secure location if you will be unable to remember it.  If you do forget your password, we do not have access to view your current password, but the website has an option to send it to you. 

    Personal Health Information (PHI) Policy

    This policy fulfills legal requirements regarding your Personal Health Information known hence forth as PHI.  CPAP2U.com may use and disclose your PHI for several reasons. Your PHI includes information you have sent to us, information we have created and information we have received from third parties.  This includes information like prescriptions, testing, diagnosis in your past medical history, current treatments and future conditions. We are required to provide you with this policy regarding our privacy rules and disclosure of your PHI.  Although there are some exceptions, we will attempt not to provide more of your PHI than necessary for the meet the need of a requestor.

    Reasons we may use and disclose your PHI without your authorization:
    -  When required by federal, state or local law, law enforcement, or judicial and administrative
       proceedings by subpoena.
    -  To assist the government in an investigation regarding health oversight.
    -  Certain situations concerning active, inactive, retired or veteran military personnel.
    -  In workers compensation cases to comply with the associated laws.
    -  To avoid serious threat or harm to personal or public safety or health. We will work with law
       enforcement to prevent or minimize harm to person or public.
    -  To send you select information, merchandise, and/or services we think may be of interest to you.

    Your ability to object:
    -  We may provide PHI to family members, friends or others you appoint as being involved with your
       care or financial responsibility for your health care.  You may limit in part or in entirety to this

    Disclosure requiring written authorization:
    -  In other situations not covered above, we shall ask for your written authorization before using or
       disclosing your PHI. You may choose to revoke any written authorization by notifying us in writing to
       stop future uses and disclosures.  The only limit to this revocation is if we have a pending action
       relying on the authorization.

    Incidental occurrences:
     - Incidental uses and disclosures of PHI could occur as a secondary use or disclosure that could not be
       reasonably prevented.  These uses and disclosures normally would be in limited degrees that occurs
       secondary from an otherwise permitted or authorized use or disclosure. 
    -  Such incidental uses or disclosures would be permissible only to the limit of the controls we have in
       place to assure that no more PHI is used or disclosed than to meet the minimum requirements of
       the permitted or authorized use or disclosure.

    Your Rights for PHI

    Requesting Limits on use and Disclosure:
    -  You have the right to request, in writing, a limit on how CPAP2U.com uses and discloses your PHI.
       We reserve the legal right whether or not to accept your request on a case by case basis.  If we
       accept your request, we will honor any written limits unless governed by an emergency situation.  You
       may not request limits of your PHI uses and disclosures that we are legally allowed or required to

    Requesting copies and disclosures of your PHI:
    -  Normally, you will have the right to request, in writing, to view or receive copies of your PHI.  We will
       provide what we have here on site and/or on the CPAP2U.com website servers.  We will respond to
       your written request within 30 days of receiving it.  In some situations, we may deny your written
       request with an explanation of our decision, but will provide you with your rights to have our denial
       reviewed.  We reserve the right to charge you up to $1.50 for each page of PHI you request.  If you
       agree in advance, we may provide you a summary of the PHI at a reduced cost.
    -  We will mail you the PHI but you have the option to request the PHI to be sent you in care of
       someone else at a different address or an alternate means of delivery. The PHI can be emailed, but
       we do not recommend since we cannot assure its security from inadvertent interception by third
       parties through the internet.  We will provide the PHI to you in the format you request as long as we
       can easily accommodate that form.
    -  You have the right to request a list of instances where we have disclosed your PHI.  This list will not
       include disclosures we have made for payment, treatment, health care operations, valid
       authorizations, or disclosures to you, your family, appointed health care provider, or our internal
       operations. The lists also will not include instances of disclosures for federal, state or local law, law
       enforcement, judicial and administrative proceedings, or in instances of national security breaches.
       The time period of the list for disclosures will include the shortest time interval of the following
       options: (i) the previous 6 years, (ii) from the date we started operations or (iii) the shorter time
       period you request. We will respond within 60 days of receiving your written request.  This list will
       include: date, to which PHI was disclosed, known address, description of PHI disclosed and reason for
       the disclosure.  We will provide one (1) copy of the list annually free of charge but may charge up to
       $20 for additional requests within the same calendar year.

    Complaints regarding PHI
    If  you have questions, comments, or complaints regarding your PHI, if you need information on how to file a complaint with the Secretary of Health and Human Services, please contact: CPAP2U, Attn: Compliance Officer - PHI, 9620 E State Route 350  Suite 104, Raytown, MO  64133   1-866-994-7082.  You may request a written copy of the PHI Policy to be sent you to by USPS mail or email.  
    You may also send a written complaint to the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, 200 Independence Ave, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20201 Toll Free: 1-877-696-6775, without fear of retaliatory action if you file a complaint regarding our PHI privacy policy or practices.


    We reserve the right to change or modify this Privacy or PHI Privacy Policy at anytime by updating the policies located on the CPAP2U.com website. In the event we make significant changes, we may send you an updated notice by USPS mail or email but are not legally obligated to do so.  For questions that are not answered online, you have call us toll free at 1-877-994-7082 or by writing to us at CPAP2U, Attn: PHI/Privacy, 9620 E. State Route 350  Suite 104, Raytown, MO  64133

  • Shipping & Delivery
  • At this time, CPAP2U.com ships merchandise to locations within the United States.  The risk of loss and title for all merchandise ordered on this site pass to you when the merchandise is delivered to the shipping carrier.  

    Loss Risk

    All products or services purchased from CPAP2U.com are pursuant to a shipment agreement.  The risk of loss or damage and title of ownership becomes the burden of the purchasing user as soon as the shipping carrier takes possession, unless shipping insurance, if available, is purchased at checkout.

  • International
  • We do not ship internationally.  We serve users within the United States of America and their territories and Canada unless prohibited by the product's manufacturer.  Any shipments directed outside of these areaswill be cancelled.  This is a condition of our vendors or suppliers. We will ship internationally only when and if our vendors or suppliers change their policies.

  • Sales Tax
  • CPAP2U.com charges sales tax for merchandise ordered on this Web site based on the applicable state sales tax rate and the location to which the order is being shipped.  Currently we are adding Missouri State Sales Tax to orders for users within the State of Missouri.

  • Return Policy
  • CPAP2U.com will accept the return of products under one of the following conditions:

    1. Any unopened item within 30 days. We must receive the item within 30 days of puchase, this includes any delivery and return transit time. There is a $3.50 or 15%, whichever is greater, restocking fee and under no circumstances will any delivery or return shipping costs be refundable. Sorry, but opened items cannot be returned. Items without the original packaging, including Part Numbers, Lot/Serial Numbers, Manuals or Informational Inserts cannot be returned. Contact us for a Return Mechandise Authorization (RMA) number so we may track the return. It is helpful to write the RMA on the package before you ship.

    2. If CPAP2U.com makes an error in sending you the product you have ordered, you may return the item to us within 45 days. This includes any delivery and return transit time. Contact us with the error and we will provide you with a return shipping label. Please check the product to make sure it is the correct item in the correct size before opening. Sorry, but opened items cannot be returned. Items without the original packaging, including Part Numbers, Lot/Serial Numbers, Manuals or Informational Inserts cannot be returned.

    3. If you have a machine or mask which fails, there may be manufacturer's warranty available. Manufacturer's warranties are typically 90 days from the date we ship the mask and 2 years from the time we receive the machine or humidifier from the manufacturer. These warranties are set by the manufacturer, not by CPAP2U.com, and may vary in terms and length. CPAP2U.com does not honor the manufacturer warranites. Contact us to verify if the item is still covered by warranty and then we can provide a shipping label. Failures from misuse, neglect, physical damage (even if the damage occurs in shipping) lightning or water ingress, will most likely WILL NOT be covered by warranty. The manufacturers have final decision on warranty claims.
      Even if a machine or humidifier manufacturer's warranty is expired, it could still be repaired. We can contact the manufacturer on your behalf to see is support is available and send the unit to the manufacturer for evaluation and estimated repair costs. Shipping costs will be added to the repair estimate as they are not included. If you elect not to repair, shipping costs will still be billed and the manufacturer may charge a diagnostics fee. This policy and costs vary per manufacturer.

    If you would like to use a Loaner Machine, this could be arranged based upon availability.  We will program and match your prescription but may not include such features as CFlex, BiFlex, EPR, SoftEx or Thermosmart.  We will try to provide these features if they are already included in your current machine, but this is not guaranteed.


  • Store Hours
  • This is a business so we also need some time to put on our CPAP masks and sleep, so the phone hours are M-F 8AM to 7PM and Saturdays 10AM to 5PM Central Time Zone.  Closed on Sundays.  A Respiratory Therapist or two is available for more technical questions not covered by our Customer Service Representatives.  If you happen to call after our normal business hours, please leave us a message and we will follow up with you starting on the next business day, or could even be sooner....just depends if one of us is here when we really should be home.