SleepStyle™ 604 CPAP with Humidifier

SleepStyle 604 CPAP with ThermoSmart Humidifier
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  • Manufacturer: Fisher & Paykel
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***Discontinued. Reference only***

The SleepStyle™ 604 CPAP with ThermoSmart™ Humidifier is the first CPAP in the world to constantly deliver controlled humidity. ThermoSmart™ technology is a unique heated breathing tube that delivers higher customized humidity levels that are maintained throughout the night. These humidity levels maintain normal airway conditions without the side effect of condensation or humidity rainout*. The SleepStyle™ 604 CPAP with ThermoSmart™ Humidifier also includes usage recording capability features. These innovative performance features promote better results in clinical effectiveness and patient care.

The ComplianceMaximizer™ software for CPAP and humidifier usage and performance data reporting for clinicians and providers. This software meets the insurance and Medicare compliance data reporting requirements.

SleepStyle 604 CPAP with ThermoSmart Humidifier includes patient manual, carry bag, 6ft tubing, air filter, water funnel and 2 standard water chambers OR 1 optional dishwasher safe chamber depending on the option selected.

* Subject to the operating conditions specified in the applicable Operating Manual


Prescription Required

CPAP E0601
Humidifier E0562

1 pack

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