SleepStyleâ„¢ 242 CPAP with Humidifier

SleepStyle 242 CPAP with Humidifier
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  • Item #: HC242-b
  • Manufacturer: Fisher & Paykel
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***Discontinued. Reference only***

The SleepStyle™ 242 CPAP with Humidifier offers a comprehensive range of standard, enhanced and truly integrated CPAP devices with usage recording capability and SmartStick Technology.
Versatile design delivers comfortable and effective therapy to cost effectively meet the changing needs of patients cost effectively.
Innovative performance features promote better results in clinical effectiveness and patient care.

The strongest differentiators in the SleepStyle™ 242 CPAP with Humidifier is the Ambient Tracking™ Plus auto-adjusting technology and SmartStick Technology.
Ambient Tracking™ Plus balances humidity to:
    * compensate for changes in room temperature – minimizes condensation.
    * compensate for humidity loss during leaks – maximizes humidity.
The overall result is effective CPAP therapy under changing conditions.

The SleepStyle™ 242 offers SmartStick™ Technology along with a compliance metric and efficacy reporting The SmartStick™ utilizes USB technology and provides convenient 2-way removable media to view and update settings.
This SmartStick™ Technology combined with PerformanceMaximizer™ Software streamlines therapy analysis with options for compliance data with the SleepStyle™ 244 CPAP.
The CPAP range with SmartStick™ Technology offers:
    * Performance monitoring through PerformanceMaximizer™ Software.
    * Two-way communication, including data transfer and remote adjustment of settings, via the
    * USB Technology, readily available in most PCs.

ComplianceMaximizer™ software for CPAP and humidifier usage and performance data reporting for clinicians and providers.  This software meets the insurance and Medicare compliance data reporting requirements.

SleepStyle™ 242 CPAP with Humidifier includes programming, 1 standard water chamber, 6ft tubing, air filter, and carry bag.
New unit with 0 hours, but Fisher&Paykel no longer warranties this model. 
No returns accepted.


Prescription Required

CPAP E0601
Humidifier E0562

1 pack

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