AirLife™ Nasal CPAP/BiPAP masks

VyAire AirLife Nasal CPAP BiPAP mask
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  • Item #: NIV042-b
  • Manufacturer: VyAire
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Price $62.00

FDA regulations require a prescription to purchase this item.

VyAire's replacement AirLife™ Nasal CPAP/BiPAP masks with 4-point attachment Headgear is adjustable for a custom fit.Headgear include quick release clips

This low cost mask features a seal, designed to offer levels of leak protection and adapt to your facial features.

Adjustable forehead to rest to customize the sealing pressure at the nasal bridge to while minimizing irritation and marks.

The flexible bellows react to your movement reducing pressure points and leaks, providing a comfortable experience through even the most high pressure therapy.


Sizing guide including in pictures
Small, Medium and Large sizes.


Prescription Required

Mask A7030
Headgear A7035

1 pack


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